This service covers the revision of translations that have not been carried-out by SuperLingua, as all of our translations are revised.

Why have a translation revised ?

The revision and proofreading of a translation is important and allows for :

  • ensuring the veracity of the translation of a very important document 
    (e.g. : business contract, child custody documents, instructions for work with high voltage power transmission lines…)
  • bringing up to standard a translation carried-out by a non-professional translator
  • reassuring the client that the message conveyed is faithful to the original text (source text)
  • adapting (Localization or Globalization)
  • Detecting and correcting the following :
    – opposite meanings, nonsense, incorrect meanings, omissions from source text and       terminological errors
    –  spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, as well as typos
    – Uniformity (especially important in legal contracts)


Or ask for a linguistic audit to verify the translations posted around your worksite and/or internally filed.

What is a linguistic audit ? 

We will send one of our experts as an auditor to verify the translations posted around your worksite, the translations of your most important documents (Mission statement, Health & Safety Policies), as well as the interpretations carried-out on site by persons dedicated to that task, etc.
We work with your internal translators and interpreters (if applicable) to provide constructive feedback.

A report will be written after the audit and addressed to management and other concerned persons to share observations, strong and weak points, recommendations and the results of the audit.

The result being either “SUPERLINGUA APPROVED” or “NOT APPROVED”

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