Our professionals interpreters are happy to help you by shattering all linguistic barriers. We work with the most sought-after consultants in the sub-region. We will accompany you at each step of the process to ensure a great performance…

Planning the event

For an event to be successful, there must be good communication between SuperLingua and you as the client. We are available for working sessions, site visits, conference calls, e-mail exchanges and all other forms of communication…

Terms of Reference (TORs)

We put an emphasis on collecting the information and documents needed for proper preperations by the interpreters.
Preperation before each event is an international standard and sending documents days or weeks ahead of time is a way for you to ensure the complete success of your event.

Setting-up equipment before the event

Our technicians will be on site the day before the event to set-up the equipment and run the necessary tests.


Here at SuperLingua, punctuality is a key factor for the success of all our projects.
We will be on time or early.

Quality Control

We often send SuperLingua reps on the field to listen discreetly to our interpreters and verify the quality of their performance, as well as take the opportunity to check-in with the client to make sure they are satisfied.

Project Manager

For larger-scale events, a project manager (or several) will be present on-site to coordinate at each step of the way.


Our clients demand us for their events. Our seriousness and desire to please the client is made obvious from the beginning to the end.

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