English Courses

An overview of SuperLingua’s “English Courses”

We don’t offer a copy-and-paste solution.
We offer solutions (English courses) adapted to the realities of your
Company/institution to accompany your personnel to the required level.

The needs of the modern professional are special and we know them very well.

Contact us today to organize a first contact meeting, followed by a “SUPERLINGUA visit” which will
finally lead to a presentation of an innovative and personalized solution.

Make your company/institution more competitive and avoid misunderstandings in a world where like we like to
at SuperLingua : “Communication is everything”


 Our courses put an focus on situations you deal with every day in your professional life :

– jargon specific to your industry (oil, legal, finance)

– drafting of reports / presentations

– telephone calls to clients

– telephone conference calls

– drafting/exchanging e-mails

– participation at business meetings

– public speaking (general principals and particularly public speaking in English)

– comprehension of different accents

– improve pronunciation

– introduction or further development of knowledge of English-speaking cultures that exist in the world

What are you waiting for to take the first step towards increasing your turnover and attaining your collective objectives for next year and the years to follow ?

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