Meet & Greet Services

We put one (or several) of our agents at your disposal to :

– check that everything is in order in your hotel room before you even arrive to the airport

– greet you in the best possible way upon your arrival and bring you to your destination (hotel, office or to your home)

– arrange for all of your transportation needs during your trip

– recommend restaurants , hotels, places to visit, etc.

– set-up your agenda/itinerary to maximize your productivity, all while allowing for moments of relaxation

– bring you back to the airport at the end of your wonderful trip


Our agents will take care everything so that you can focus on your work and/or personal business.

With us, you will be much more than just a signature on a register to validate an invoice. You are a client with whom we would like to build and maintain a relationship of trust. We act accordingly in everything we do.

Here are a couple of our numerous qualities…



There is nothing more irritating than waiting at an airport after a long tiring trip…
and this after having paid to be greeted; you can trust us.  Our agents will be punctual and won’t leave you waiting.

Anticipating your needs

We anticipate.

We check your room a couple of hours before you arrival to ensure that everything is perfect. No matter what time you arrive, we will ensure that you have a good meal waiting for you by keeping in communication with restaurants. We know the times when there will be traffic and shortcuts to get around. If the agenda you have set is not realistic, we will let you know.

Accommodations & Transportation

Avoid regrettable hotels, bad surprises and bad plans.
Let us take care of you.

Responsive staff

If you are tired of being herded like cattle in the direction of your destination

SuperLingua offers you personalized solutions with personnel that take into account your desires and needs. We listen to you.

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