Our Prices

We base all of our activities on one principle : « When a business arrangement is good, it’s good for all persons involved »

In our pricing policy, we don’t aim to necessarily be cheaper. Our aim is to provide quality work at reasonable and fair prices.
We work with the best consultants and pay them according to industry standards so they will be motivated and
can produce works that are sure to meet the high expectations of our clients.

For translations …

There is no set rule on how translations should be billed. Translations can be billed by word, by page by hour, by day, etc.
We have opted for billing by word or per page depending on the client’s choice. The international standard currently
most recognized in the world is to charge per word.
(From French to English…the billing starts at 0.09 EUR per word and from English to French the billing starts at 0.07 EUR per word
– Source: Proz.com which is a reference in the field) 
Each payment scheme has its advantages and disadvantages. It should be noted, for consideration purposes,
that a regular page is considered as being composed of 250 to 300 words.

At SuperLingua, we find that it is important to analyze each document before giving a quotation.
We work to give fair prices to our clients. Our pricing policy takes into account the following factors :
deadline for submission, number of words, terminology used, format of the document, number of tables and graphs, etc.

If charged per page… One (1) page with 30 words should not have the same price as one (1) page with 500 words.

If charged per word…. A 5000 word document filled with legal or scientific terms should not have the same price
as a children’s story of 5000 words also.

Taking all of these factors into consideration allows us to offer fair prices and to respect the given deadlines which are
based on the above mentioned factors. Send us your documents now to receive your free quotation.

For the interpretation …

We charge for interpreters on a per day basis.
The price per day will depend on the complexity of the terms that will be addressed, the number of days,
the number of paticipants, etc.
We do not have an option to charge per half-day, in view of the commitments made by our consultants
to be exclusively available for your event.

For any other service …

Contact us by telephone, e-mail or message on our site for more information.