Bilingual Hostesses

Our bilingual hostesses (named SUPERLINGUA hostesses) will better assist you as well as your guest coming from different countries in their respective mother tongues.
We offer hostesses for the following languages : French, English and Spanish


Why choose SuperLingua hostesses ?

  • No more hard times at the sign-in desk to communicate with your multilingual visitors
  • No more running around in every direction to interpret behind the scenes outside of the main event
  • Focus on your work and the rare occasions for networking that present themselves to you
  • Your guest will feel well greeted and better taken care of


SUPERLINGUA hostesses don’t come to just be seen and stand around like statues, but rather to do everything they can do so that your event will be a success and represent you well.
Yes, because our hostesses understand that your invited guests will see them as an extension of your company/institution.

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